Annual Packages

We offer annual packages to maintain your car throughout the year. So, you will be stress free for whole year when it comes to maintaining the car. We provide all the technical support and reminders when the service of your car is due. You just need to tell us suitable time and we will be there at your door to pamper your car.


Annual Packages

  • Timely reminders for car’s due servicing.

  • Doorstep Service.

  • Complete track of works done throughout the year.

  • Special benefits for additional repairs throughout the year.

  • Customizations in package as per your car’s needs.

Annual Packages Starting at Rs. 12,086


We have designed annual car care packages such that the package covers almost everything which is required to maintain your car in good condition. We have also designed packages considering the type of the cars and car owner’s requirements. So, the biggest benefit of the annual package is the timely servicing and overall maintenance of the car results in lower chances of breakdown of your car. Also, proper and timely maintenance of the car increases the resale value of the car. Our team makes sure that your car is maintained as per the schedule throughout the tenure of the package.

The validity of the package depends upon the type of package you buy.

No problem at all. We will add the pending services in your next package after renewal. Also, we will schedule them perfectly so that all the services are covered to keep your car healthy and you don’t waste your money.

The charges are non-refundable. However, if you buy new car, we will adjust the package as per new car. You can pay additional charges as per the change in the package and your new car will also be covered by the annual car care package.