Denting and Painting

We ensure best quality of material and workmen to make your car look new.


Denting and Penting

  • Send us the picture of the dent on our WhatsApp number 9029903938.

  • Get the best quote for the painting work.

  • Our representative will pick up the car and drop it at your place after the work is done.

Denting And Painting Starting at Rs. 2,950


We have partnered with workshops which provide painting services. Before partnering with workshops, we do inspection of their procedures, material and the quality of the work to ensure that the best quality of work is done on your car. Our team member will pick up your car and will drop the car back once the work is done.

  1. The dents on the car surface are removed using special dent repair kit and tools.
  2. After the dents are removed, the procedure to smoothen out the surface starts. For this, special body filler putty is used which fills the irregular surfaces.
  3. Once the filler putty material is dried, sanding is done to further smoothen out the surface. After the sanding is done, the surface is thoroughly and properly cleaned.
  4. A primer is sprayed with the help of paint sprayer so that a nice coat of primer is sprayed over the surface.
  5. After the primer is dried, the car is once again cleaned and the painting is done with the help of best quality painting material and paint sprayer.

Yes. We carry out various processes to match the colors of panels to maximum extent so that the car looks perfect and new.