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There are 2 basic types of car insurance and some add-on plans for customization.

1) Third-party Liability Insurance:

  • The most basic and cheapest form of car insurance.
  • Protection to
    • Third party for incidents such as injuries/death and property damage caused in accident involving insured vehicle.
    • It DOES NOT cover insured vehicle and the owner/driver.
    • Coverage for owner/driver can be done with an additional personal accident cover.

2) Comprehensive Motor Insurance:

  • The most common form of car insurance.
  • Protection to own damage cover which includes
    • Accidental Damages
    • Damages while transit via road, rail, etc.
    • Damages caused by natural calamities like earthquakes, floods, etc.
    • Damages from riots, strikes, etc.
    • Theft
    • Personal accidents cover to owner/driver.
  • Third-party liability cover:
    • Legal liabilities to a third party from accidental injuries/death
    • Legal liabilities to a third party from property damage.

3) Some important add-on plans:

  • Zero Depreciation Cover
    • Popular motor insurance plan
    • Also known as nil depreciation cover or bumper to bumper policy.
    • Covers the expenses towards depreciation of vehicle parts.
  • Engine protect cover
    • Protection to engine from mechanical or electrical damages due to water logging, etc.
  • Key Replacement Cover
    • Covers the cost of replacement of car key if lost or misplaced.
  • Roadside Assistance Cover
    • 24/7 protection to policyholder from incidents such as flat tyre, fuel depletion, etc.
  • No Claim Bonus Protect Cover
    • Covers the No Claim Bonus even after raising a claim.
  • Consumables Cover
    • Covers the cost of consumable items required at the time of repairing of the car such as nuts, bolts, clips, screen washers, engine oil, etc.
  • Loss of personal belonging cover
    • Provides protection to the loss of personal belongings such as electronic equipment, laptop, etc. kept inside the insured vehicle.
  • Daily allowance cover
    • Offers reimbursement for the travel expenses such as hiring an alternate vehicle when the insured vehicle is undergoing repairs.

For new car insurance requirement:

1) Car’s Tax Invoice

2) Owner’s KYC Documents such as AADHAR Card and PAN Card.

For renewal of existing car insurance:

1) Copy of current valid insurance copy

2) If the insurance is expired, then the physical survey of the car is done.

Following are the documents necessary to initiate the accidental claim under car insurance.

1) Car Insurance Policy Paper or Cover Note

2) Driving License of the person driving the car

3) RC Book or Registration Certificate of the car

4) Valid Car Insurance Claim Form with all the information properly filled.