Online Assist

Get all your car lover friends along with you and earn special discounts for bulk servicing.


Online Assist

Hello motorists. We are creating this group to solve all your car related queries.

We have come across many people who face number of different types of issues or have queries. So, we thought to create a forum where we will help you to find answers to your questions. This process will also help to provide knowledge to other members.

Bring us all your questions and Autonism will be glad to help you out. Be it related to car servicing, car insurance, car's resale value or if your car is facing any problem. Even if you have faced any issues with the authorized service center, ask us, we will surely try to help you to deal with authorized service centers.

Spread the word. Autonism is here to hear you, help you and take care of your car. Invite your friends and you might provide vital help to them via Autonism.

What is the motive of this group?

1. To provide technical information related to any issue in the car.

2. To share the knowledge so that everyone gets educated about the car issues.

3. To educate car owners about the car’s functions so that they will be more alert when in some issue or emergency.

4. To help car owners if they face any issue or bad experience.

5. To connect, share and grow together.

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